Protected: Illipah & Cold Creek Fly Fishing

Mark Madsen and myself made an exploratory 450 Mile round trip to two impounds in Eastern Nevada this past Friday and Saturday, Oct 3rd and 4th. We fished Illipah Reservoir Friday for 6 hours and then stayed overnight in Ely.


It is a creek-fed reservoir and it has low water right now. The water is off colored brown/yellow. We ended up calling it a mud hole. The fish taken there were off-colored as well. Both the Browns and Rainbows ...

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“Can You Really Fly Fish in Central Nevada? Nothing says “Road Trip” like a day fly fishing in Central Nevada”

By Rich Lewis
NCFF Charter Member

Nevada has big water. Nevada’s prominent lakes are Lake Tahoe to the north and Lake Mead to the South. Smack dab between these two gems is Central Nevada.

There is zero big water in Central Nevada. Instead you’ll find a diverse smattering of smaller locations in which to pursue trout, bass and other species. The Central Nevada fishery includes ponds, ditches, reservoirs, creeks, alpine lakes and a few small rivers.

For those willing to seek-out Central Nevada’s ...

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