Sage Hen Nymph

Fly Pattern based upon the Patented “Teeny Nymph” fly designed by Jim Teeny

by Rich Lewis – NCFF club member

Fly Category: Aquatic -Generic nymph pattern.

This versatile fly pattern is a variation of the Teeny Nymph. Substitute Sage Hen tail feathers for the Ring Neck Pheasant tail feathers typically used in Jim Teeny’s outstanding nymph pattern. Lastly, embellish the Sage Hen version by dubbing a hand blended collar.

Note: The old Mustad 7957B style hook is tried and true for holding bigger fish. Use the newer Mustad Signature R-70 if you can’t find the original 7957B’s.

Columbia Basin Greater Sage Grouse

Central Ngrouseevada is one of the few remaining areas where you can hunt Sage Hen, or the more properly named Greater Sage Grouse. The Sage hen is a medium-sized game bird up to 8 pounds in weight. The dark dun coloring, splashed with white ticks, makes the male grouse tail feathers prized for fly tying. The naturally variegated appearance of the Sage Hen tail feather lends simplicity and elegance to this “buggy” pattern.




Materials List

  1. Hook: Mustad R-70-7957, 2XH/STD, Forged, Straight Bronzed
    hook(Old Style 7957B)Sizes 16-12
  1. Threads: UNI-Thread 8/0 Red & Fine Mono or GSP
  1. Body: Greater Sage Grouse (Male Sage Hen tail feather). Use the side of the feather with the “mottled“look.
  2. Collar: Hand blended Dubbing made using American Bison Wool, Egg Yarn and Ice Yarn highlights in a variety of color blends.
  3. Legs: Tips of the Sage Hen tail feather per Jim Teeny’s patented fly.
  4. Tail-Optional: Use material of choice; such as Crystal Flash strands, tailing feather such as Golden Pheasant Neck Crest feathers, Fine nylon bristle brush fibers etc.
  5. Optional Head Coating: CA (Cyanoacrylate/Super Glue), Head Cement, clear SHTAN polish, or Acrylic /UV coating or epoxy.


Tying Instructions

General Note: Refer to write-ups and instructional video found on the web for basic tying instructions for the famous Teeny Nymph Fly pattern.
  1. Wrap thread from eye to hook bend and back to hook point. Secure with a drop of CA* (optional).
  1. Tie in trimmed bundle of feather fibers stripped from mottled-side of Sage Hen Tail feather and bind down.
  1. Refer to “Jim Teeny Nymph How-To” Tying information. Finish body wrap and form legs. Bind down with Red Thread and secure.
  1. Switch to Fine Mono Thread.
  1. Dub sparse collar
  1. Finish head (optional)

* CA = Cyanoacrylate, or Super Glue

Reference Links 8-12 2014 :
Visit Jim Teeny’s Website:
Watch Jim Teeny Tie his Teeny Nymph – Video:
Also: Tying the Teeny Nymph- Video


Fishing Tips

This style of nymph has taken over 25 world record gamefish! Fish the Sage Hen Nymph variant on a long tippet. Target Central Nevada Trout, Bass, & Panfish. Drift the Sage Hen Nymph under an indicator in Stillwater ponds & lakes, Strip cautiously in slow current, or cast it upstream and swing it just above the moss and rocks in any swift moving stream, creek or river. Add a bead head to the Sage Hen Nymph fly pattern; or use fast sinking fly line in heavy current. Tie this fly on a bigger hook for larger fish. A very simple “Go To” fly pattern. Always carry a few sizes & colors.