NCFF Field Report-by Rich Lewis

A few weeks ago, Bob Perchetti, his Grandson Gabe (NCFF’s youngest member at 11 Years Old), Mark Madsen and myself headed out to fly fish after a breakfast at the Station House. It was a cold blustery spring day in Round Mountain. When we arrived at Hadley Pond, we were only anglers on their. It seemed more like a winter day with that cold north wind.
Gabe was brandishing his brand new Redington 5 WT combo, which had been a Christmas present from his Grandpa Bob. He was so anxious to give it a try. I was rigged and ready to fish and was first in the water. Using a nymph pattern called “RL’s Orange Bead Head Nymph”, I quickly caught a released a hefty Brown Trout. It was a beautiful specimen and I had Mark come up from his truck to savor its splendor.
Gabe was in need of some basic training and I put down my rod and helped him rig his new outfit. After tying on a “Price Nymph”, we walked together down to the SE corner of the pond where I positioned Gabe on a grass covered point. I gave Gabe some ground instruction followed by a 10 minute lesson in Roll Casting.
Now Gabe is an accomplished spin fisherman and has no problems catching and landing fish on his own using bait and lures. He gets the job done in handsome style-always. He’s amazing young angler. Yet the fly rod was different and he openly accepted tips and tricks on his new 5 WT. Gabe caught on quickly and was soon safely roll casting in the wind a good 25-30 feet on his own from that grassy point. I left him with the command to keep it going and catch a nice trout!
I walked back up to the table under the shade canopy and joined Bob and Mark who were now rigged and fishing the North end of the pond. Bob was hauling in fish already and Mark was hot on the trail casting his new hot fly the “Green Dane”. It wasn’t long before Mark’s beautiful Redington Vapen Red 4 WT. rod was arched under the pressure of a nice Rainbow too.
I then heard Gabe calling for the South end. He waved me down there. When I arrived, it was obvious that Gabe was into a decent fish. Awesome. Turns out that Gabe had a Trout come out from under the bank and slam his fly on the retrieve. With a little encouragement, Gabe landed a fat 16-inch Brown Trout. It was Gabe’s first fish on a fly rod and a really decent catch at that. I assisted in removing the hook as he had a handful with the 9 foot rod and the fresh caught Brown. Gabe fairly released him to fight another day. What an honor to see him make this catch!
How about that? Our youngest member @ 11 years old caught a sixteen-inch Brown Trout on his first session with a fly rod. An outstanding performance by both Gabe and that strong Brown Trout. Gabe continued to perfect the roll cast and was laying down 40 foot casts like a pro. We all enjoyed this fine April spring outing. It will stand in our memories.