“Marks Midge”

Fly Pattern designed by Mark Madsen

Materials List:

Thread: Red 6/0   Ultra 140 Black
Hook: 10 – 20 Caddis Style Hook –  Mustad Signature C49SNP-BR or CO68NP-BR
Bead: Gold 1/8″ to 5/16″
Head Cement or Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Tying Instructions

  1. Slip on bead head
  2. Jam knot red thread, wrap from above barb to behind bead
  3. 1/2 hitch behind bead head
  4. Jam knot black thread, form body from above barb to behind bead head
  5. 1/2 hitch behind bead head, add cement or nail polish
Refer to photos below for variations of the midges. Substitute bead and thread colors to suit fishes mood.

Marks Midge is a true producer. Have fun, good luck, catch fish!