“Pamela’s Nothing Butt Fly Fishing Special” Hump-Bak Nymph

… by Dennis Rusk, Las Vegas, NV.


Olive Hump-Bak Nymph-chewed on pretty well by a few trout.

by Rich Lewis – NCFF Club Member


This hot fly was given to Mark and myself while “on the water” at Illipah Reservoir this past Sept. Mark was fishing from my Pram and I was fishing from a sit-on-top Kayak. We were doing just “OK”. However, there was a fellow fishing from a float tube that was just killin’ the Bows and Browns.

He kindly offered each of us a few of his hand tied “Hump-Bak Nymphs” and it was off to the races! I used one & caught an 18” Brown and a bunch of Bows. It was also worked for us at Site X (ha ha). Dennis is a Sportsman from Las Vegas and an architect by trade. His fly pattern designs are very cool & well tied. Dennis Rusk allowed us to share his pattern. He intends to Join NCFF too. The key to Dennis’ pattern is the unique Hump-Bak bead head, which is a tear-dropped shape glass bead from Spirit River. BTW-I am ordering some of these beads for the Club. Other than that-Dennis says to follow a “Hare’s Ear Nymph Pattern. He “sort of” has done that it appears. Just make your fly look like these original flies from Dennis & you will catch some trout!




Bead: Spirit River’s Hump-Bak Glass Beads in blue, clear rainbow, smoke, roe red,
copper, sheen and pearl.  Dennis’ preferred color is smoke.  (Olive & Red themes are good too!)

Hook: TIEMCO 5262 2XL nymph hook (14, 16 and 18) with barb bent down. Substitute any 2X long Nymph hook.

Thread: Uni 6.0 or 8.0 in Camel, Olive-or match the dubbing color etc.

Tail: Black or dark Brown Hares mask or Squirrel

Ribbing: Gold wire-Sm or Med.

Body: Black, Brown or Olive Antron/Hare dubbing

Thorax:  Black, Olive or Brown Antron/Hare dubbing

Collar (Optional)-Partridge,Starling, or soft hen wet fly hackle


Tying Instructions-Variations OK as long as it looks “Buggy”.

  1. Thread bead onto hook. Lock Bead near hook eye with an X pattern. Add a drop of head cement.
  2.  Place five or six wraps of .015 lead on hook shank
  3. Tie in Tail
  4. Tie in Gold Ribbing Wire
  5. Dub thin tapered body from tail to 3/4 hook shank location
  6. Counter wrap Gold Ribbing-tie-off.
  7. Dub thicker Thorax & wrap forward to hook eye
  8. Add Optional Collar-Legs using Partridge Hackle etc.
  9. Use a Bodkin, Velcro strip, or fly tiers micro comb to pick out dubbing/hairs along Thorax for a buggy look



Below are Variations on Dennis Rusk’s Hump-Bak Nymph theme.