Safety First- Fly Fishing Remote Central Nevada – By R. Lewis – Nye County Fly Fishers

Fly Fishing remote frontier destinations is serious fun – Safety First

Be Prepared & and tell at least one person where you are going and when you expect to return
  1. Gas Up
  2. Cell Phone/Ham radio/CB
  3. Maps of area and/or GPS
  4. Water
  5. First aid Kit
  6. Firearm/Knife
  7. Food/Beverage
  8. Proper Clothing For Location and Season

Personal Clothing Items

Performance fabrics are blends of synthetic fibers that repel, wick-away and allow moisture to evaporate quickly. These lightweight advanced garments also block UV and even contain insect repellents.

  • Shirt:Long sleeved shirt with ample pockets , or LS shirt with Lt. Wt. Fishing vest.
  • Pants:Synthetic fabric pants with Velcro cargo pockets. Zippered pockets a plus. Note: Cotton Jeans are a determent when wet. Cotton holds water and dries slowly
  • Coat: Packable Wind/Rain Breaker
  • Gloves: Fingerless casting gloves: These prevent sunburned hands and also protect fingers from string damage. Lastly-they can improve grip on gear and fish
  • Hat: Wide brimmed hats are a favorite choice of wise fly anglers. The brims deflect flys when casting becomes challenging. Another smart option is wearing a ball cap/Buff Combo.


  • Wading- Water Shoes, Hip Boots, Breathable Chest Waders
  • Hiking Boots
  • Water shoes if boating/tubing
  • Snake boots if in Snake Country

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