Fishing Gear For Central Nevada Anglers – By R. Lewis – Nye County Fly Fishers

Fly Fishing Central Nevada – Direct Gear

  1. Rod
  2. Reel
  3. Fly Line
  4. Fly Leaders
  5. Fly assortment
  6. Line Accessories (Weights &Floats)

Indirect Fishing Gear

  • Wading Staff
  • Fanny Pack Water Bottle Storage
  • Small Back Pack
  • Camera
  • Landing Net
  • Stringer
  • Forceps with Hook eye Needle
  • Magnifier
  • Fly Floatant
  • Snack
  • Ice Chest

Selection Fly Rod, Reel and Line Weight for central Nevada Angling

  1. Since most streams, ditches and stocked ponds & lakes have trout in the 10-13 inch class, a 4 wt. Rig is ideal. A 4 Wt. has enough power to land this size fish.
  • A weight forward 4 WT floating line and 3 / 4 weight Reel is a good match
  1. Mono Leader can be straight or tapered: 5 – 9 feet ; from 2-8 LB. test –Fluorocarbon
  2. For fishing larger impounds (Cave Lake for example), minimum 5 WT rig & 6-12# leader.
  • Floating line, sink tip nymph line, or a full sinking line for trolling or casting into deep water.
  • An Intermediate sink line will allow retrieves through and over near-shore obstacles; such as rocks, brush possible. You can control the level of the fly during the retrieve. Think Slo-Sink.
  1. Consider a 6-7 weight rig for larger 4# plus fish. Tahoe and Pyramid Lake come to mind.

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