Crystal Ant

pattern by dean endress*

*detailed by Rich Lewis-NCFF club member


Fly Category: Terrestrial- Ant pattern

Materials List:

Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 Olive.
Hook: Mustad Signature 2XH/3XL Size #16 Sproat
Body: Hand blended Dubbing made using American Bison Wool with green Ice Yarn highlights.
Legs: Cree or dark barred ginger neck hackle
Tail Flash: Ice yarn-Red

Tying Instructions

  1. Start thread on hook shank slightly ahead of hook point. Secure with a drop of CA (optional). ant
  2. Dub Ant-style Thorax. Secure with half hitch and a spot of CA*.
  3. Wind Forward without dubbing. To just behind the hook eye
  4. Dub the ant’s head. Secure with a half hitch and a spot of CA*
  5. Pull small bunch of splayed Ice Yarn up over hook shank into a “V” just ahead of the thorax and secure.
  6. Tie-in hackle stem just ahead of Ice yarn and wrap forward to head. Secure with a half hitch and a spot of CA*

* CA = Cyanoacrylate, or Super Glue


Fishing Tips

  • Most Trout, Bass and Sunfish will readily take an ant pattern.
  • Ants are ever-present in our environment and are a sure bet to a feeding fish : ants are constantly dropping into the water from overhanging brush and trees. Thusly; breezy days are great days for fishing ant patterns. Fish the shorelines and banks.
  • Use a tippet as light as possible (2-6 lb. test Fluorocarbon) and expect fast surface action. However; most of your takes will be sub-surface as the fly waterlogs and begins to slowly sink. Fish eat drowned ants all day!