Aug 21, 2014 NCFF Meeting – RA Lewis


It was a wonderful gathering of the new NCFF club members last evening!

Thankfully CJ was able to get the projector to work with her laptop. Whew. Always good to have a smooth presentation for an occasion like this. Now mind you, I’d be just as happy to have a future club meeting “Tailgate” style and you pick the fishing hole! It was good to meet so many new faces. A familiar face-Bob Perchetti, brought his Grandson Gabe. Gabe, whom I have fished with before, is NCFF’s youngest member. We now have eleven (!!) NCFF members. Bob had a very intriguing list of all his fishing spots around these parts. Impressive list and one that he said he’d share with the members. Bob said, at one time Peavine Creek ran hard to Millers and you could catch Trout at Millers! Things change. We are in a drought and have less and less water available to us.





Enjoyed tying a few flies with the new members too. Thanks for watching!

Thanks again to both Teresa and CJ for the great snacks. That was above and beyond the call. Also-Thanks to Dianne Perchetti for setting us up in the Tonopah Convention Center. The next NCFF meeting is Oct.1 at the new Tonopah Brewing Company. The Brew Master Lance is a fly fisherman who is also joining our ranks once he gets his production of beer and soda pop running smoothly.

Just In- As I was writing, the FedEx truck arrived with a package from Spectratek. Our friend Marty Kelum at Spectratek gifted NCFF with two very large master spools of holographic tensile and fine stranded slit film. What a great club donation! These “Flash” materials are perfect for many, many fly patterns we can tie. I’ll bring these master spools along to the next meeting along with some empty thread bobbins. You are welcome to wind some off a bunch of flash strand for yourself.


Lastly- I am going to ask our webmaster Teresa to post a new fly pattern in the NCFF “Fly Pattern Index”. I call it the Global, or International fly. It was crafted a few years ago after talking with a park Ranger at Cave Lake about a Hot Fly used by a guy from Europe to good effect there. So my interpretation is not “That” fly actually-because I never did see it. Rather; the Ranger described it to me as best he could. My original “Global Fly” then is designed from my notes on this fortunate conversation & has been a “Hot” fly for me and several friends from California to Quebec ever since. It takes Trout at Groves Lake & Trailhead Canyon Reservoir for sure. Tie one up and try it.

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