About NCFF

The purpose of the NCFF is to promote fly fishing in Central Nevada. This club is open to anyone and encourages sharing the sport of angling with the long rod to include:

  • Angling
  • Flycasting
  • Fly Tying
  • Fly Rod Building
  • Safety
  • Entomology
  • Gear: Reels, Rods, Accessories, Vehicles, Watercraft
  • Destinations local and afar
  • Community Service


Mark Madsen – Chief Executive Board Member

Mark hails from the great Pacific Northwest and grew up fishing Oregon’s streams and rivers. Mark, an all-a-round sportsman, fell in love with Nevada as a teenager while taking a summer job in Washoe Valley in Northern Nevada. He continued his love for the sport of fly fishing after he made the Silver State his home.

Mark Madsen founded Nye County Fly Fishers, a Central Nevada Fly Fishing Club, in order to share his fly fishing sport within his small desert community of Tonopah, NV.

Having lived in this high desert arena for more than three decades now, Mark and his fishing buddies know this area well. They scour the Central Nevada region for fish in a interesting mix of waterways destinations. Mark four wheels to one of his favorite fishing holes at 8,000’ ASL for hungry cold creek trout. He fools them on hand tied midges which he tries to make last all day. Then later that same day he’ll be searching the depths of a farm pond for a large Mouth Bass. Mark is a finesse angler and he aims to catch fish and have fun while doing it. Sharing his sport with family, friends and community is what it is all about!


Richard A. Lewis – Charter Member and NCFF Blog Author

Rich is a semi-retired Senior Aerospace Materials Engineer now living in Central Nevada. He is an avid life-time angler. Rich consults to the fishing industry and is “Pro Staff” for several popular global brands. His innovations include advanced composite materials for fly rods, fly pattern design and fishing lure development.

Rich caught his first Nevada fish in Lake Mead in 1961- when a Large Mouth Bass hit a Flat Fish plug he had cast from the beach on a casting rod & reel. He has fished all over the silver state ever since and enjoys the diverse fisheries that Nevada offers. From deep-lining steel at Lake Tahoe for Mackinaw Trout, to fishing a dry fly on a 3 wt. flyrod for creek Brookies,

Rich enjoys all aspects of fishing in Nevada. Especially Fly Fishing! Rich shares the sport of fly fishing through his local club: Nye County Fly Fishers, Tonopah Nevada. Interests include including fly tying, fly casting, rod building, material science, 4X4’s, high tech adventure gear and destination planning. Contact Rich: flymaker@gmail.com