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NCFF October Meeting Notes



[h4]We had our second general club meeting Wednesday night at the new Tonopah Brewing Co.[/h4]
Our newest member, Lance Jergensen, just happens to be the brew-master at the Tonopah Brewing Co. Lance invited NCFF to use the place as the “NCFF Club House”. He is a gracious host indeed. Lance is also an accomplished fly angler.

At Wednesday’s meeting Lance J. offered and donated pitchers of beer to NCFF Members (fresh brewed Red Ale) that wanted to have a taste. Food: We had the option of buying BBQ from their extensive menu. We set-up chairs and tables among the vats and kettles inside the brewery-instead of being seated in the restaurant. It was a great atmosphere and a fun meeting.

NCFF picked up 5 new members and that now raises the NCFF roster to 16 members. Four gals and 12 guys strong (one Junior): NCFF is an optimistic group. Guessing that 5 have fly fished and the others need to/want to  learn. . So far. The club is now making plans for some outings and events in the upcoming months.

What really blew me away last eve was when a gracious member announced that he is going to pick-up a 10 passenger van for the club! All he wants in return is help on maintenance and keeping it on the road. Wow. We can sure have some great group outings with that vehicle. Then inspired by this donation, another member, donated his small john boat to the club too! Additionally, Mark Madsen will make his 4 man raft available for the member’s use. Double wow. I have a  personal pram, and a kayak to share as well. So all of the sudden we have a small fleet to work with. Any member wanting to get out on the water will have a chance to do so.

Another member, Jack W., is a master BBQ’er and has a trailer mounted BBQ Pit and says he cooks for up to 500! So Jack will be cooking BBQ for us at our first fund raiser. We want to team-up with the Rotary and have a fly fishing event at the annual Rotary Father’s Day fishing derby. If we can raise the funds at the BBQ,  NCFF wants to clean out a second pond at sportsman’s park (NCFF Work Party)  and pay to have trout dumped in for the derby, W can have a Fly Fishing- only derby in that pond with entry fees and prizes etc.That would be in conjunction with the bait-chucker’s derby which has been going for 44 years in pond #1 Ponds are 12 miles from Tonopah.

Additionally-NCFF was able to purchase a Dyna-King entry-level fly tying vise from a hefty donation of $250.00 from a sponsor at the Nevada Test site. We will loan out this vise to beginners in order to get them started. A member named Rick took it away to learn to tye. Get in on the draw at the next meeting for your turn on the Dyna-King vise.

We also now have NCFF art work in place at the local t shirt shop. You can have any garment or item made of fabric embossed with our logo. I ordered a LS tee with pocket and I think the total price will be $18. One guy had a ball cap made and it was around $8.00 So the biz doing this is very reasonable on prices. You can even bring in your own garment and have the vinyl NCFF artwork/logos pressed on-for less than $6. Neat! Any color combo you desire too.
[h4]Special Membership Note:[/h4]  Annual dues are $10 and for those charter members joining in 2014 the dues for 2015 will be only $5. Starting 2016-everyone is even and the dues will be nominally $10 annually from there on out  JR members are $5 per year.


Rich Lewis-NCFF Member